We want to thank Dirección de Estadísticas de Información de Salud de Argentina from Ministry of Health for providing death records information for Argentina, particularly to Carlos Guevel. We thank Bernardo Guerrero, Dirección de Censos y Demografía at DANE for providing death records information for Colombia for 1979-2010. Also grateful with Byron Villacís who provided mortality data for Ecuador.

We specially thank the collaboration of our great Research Assistants. For the data corresponding to Argentina, Colombia and Peru we thank Natalia Rojas Perilla, Adriana Rocío Reyes, William García and Andrés N. López. Mario Piscoya for helping us with Peruvian data, also Ursula Mattioli and Matheus Lobo Alves Ferreira for research assistance.We also thank Fasecolda that provided the time for Diana P. Guarín to help us process data for Colombia. Similarly, we are thankful to Andres Barajas who donated his time to process the latest years for Mexico.

For financial support we thank to Population Association of America-PAA, Fapemig, ALAP, “Bolsa de Pesquisa Mineiro”, Cedeplar/UFMG, and Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogotá; Internal Grant-DIB#201010017586.

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